Céline Lamée | Visual Design

Céline Lamée | 视觉设计

As head of Lava Beijing, Celine shared a few projects that embody their characteristic open-endedness and experiential nature, where design becomes a tool for co-action, participation and humorous self-critique.

The Lawaii Magazine pictured hereunder was an impromptu editorial venture developed during their two-weeks residency in the hutong district of Baitasi, where the studio temporarily relocated to developed a series of mini publications chronicling the life of this prototypical Beijing historic neighbourhood. 

The 30 issues thereof produced looked each at specific topics inspired by the grassroots culture of this tightly knit community in the heart of the capital, ranging from barbers, trophy shops, found QR codes to the local dog hero Niu Niu.

This hands-on, proactive attitude is further embodied in the 新主意日历A Calendar with Thousands of Perspectives, a multifaceted project born out of a discarded proposal.


作为Lava 北京的负责人,Celine分享了一些体现其独特开放性和体验性的项目,其中设计成为共同行动、参与和幽默式自我批评的一种工具。





In black and white only, the calendar plays with changing perspectives, based on the thought that every step you take in life influences the next. 

This playful game of chance and association was translated into a typographic space where multiple vantage points coexisted, deformed, squeezed and stretched. 

Every day of the year in the actual calendar also produced is differently designed. The project was shown in the exhibition The Imagined Future is not the Future at the 2017 OCT-Loft Creative Festival. 




日历中,一年当中的每一天都采用不同设计。该项目在2017 OCT-LOFT创意节“现在的未来不是将来“展览当中展出。



This black and white design was originally developed as one of the proposals for the visual identity of the exhibition it eventually got to be shown into. Their colourful version was instead the one used as the main graphic language for the show.