Significant Others – Incomplete by Design investigates the shapeshifting nature of design as a feat of relentless mediation between the individual and the collective spheres.

Crafted at the intersection of multiple needs, interests and desires, incompleteness is here intended as a positive formula of open-endedness, co-action and a promise of mutual fulfilment. It looks at how the syntax and ambitions of design change when we embrace the idea that today’s minimum unit of social measure is no longer the averaged singularity of data-driven usership, but the vulnerable and dispositional plurality of a community. 

Significant Others is the main theme of the 2019 Grad Show of the School of Art & Design at BIFT, and part of the relevant one-year program developed by The Global School (Beijing). 

重要的“另一半 - 不完整的设计”探讨了设计学科的本质的变迁,在个人和集体领域之间建构了一个调节媒介。在多种需求,兴趣和欲望的交叉点上精心设计,不完整性在这里旨在作为开放式,共同行动和相互实现的承诺的积极方式。当我们接受这样的观点时,就会考虑设计的语法和结构如何变化。今天的社会最小计量单位不再是数据驱动的用户的平均单一性,而是社区的多变性和价值倾向的多元化。



The program Significant Others is a one-year project sponsored by the School of Art & Design – BIFT (Beijing Institute for Fashion Technology) and curated by Beatrice Leanza of The Global School.

Organized between October 2018 and June 2019, the program featured an integrated set of focused workshops, in-studio lectures and a series of public events that both accompanied the research agendas of students graduating this year, as well as expanded the conversation with practitioners from relevant areas of study to challenge and reroute critical discourse in and out the specificity of given goals. The Significant Others Salons were held monthly as public events that each time put 3 to 4 speakers from diverse backgrounds in dialogue. These session are articulated around six key thematic strands that refer to contradictory stances embedded in the practice of design - unexpected encounters, conceptual dissonances and productive challenges that come involved in the process of developing one’s critical standpoint and approach to practice. 

They are #beautifulfailures #flexibleprinciples #lonelycommunity #thedislocatedmediator #uglyfeelings #selfishengagement. 

另一半– 不完整为设计是2018/2019学年中为期一年的项目,此项目的策划人是世界学院的毕月,主办方是北京服装学院艺术设计学院。




Social Partners 社会伙伴

As the theme of the 2019 Grad Show, Significant Others poses a quest to students to explore their life environment, their personal, familial and social contexts with the aim to find an inspirational cause to understand and empower. Students are prompted to delve into their own reality, the city, the universe that surrounds them and devise a project that brings positive impact to a community of their choice by suppling a function, service, activity of any nature – this could be based on an economic transaction, a volunteering job, an educational/commercial/academic/cultural offering provided it clearly targets an unattended common need, whose extent can vary from a small group of people to a neighbourhood or an entire city district. With this in mind the project must reflect on this hypothetical perpetrator as a social partner, a significant other complement.  

The goal of the project is that of re-establishing a meaningful connection among people and groups, a simple premise that wishes to probe extant connections and systemic dependencies and reconfigure them into new value creation. 

This weblog is itself part of the program and collects information about the people, discussions and ideas that the public and in-studio programs feature; it also functions as a curatorial journal chronicling the research journeys, interests and topics explored with and by the students of the School of Art & Design in preparation of their final works. Visual and written entries can be explored by tags and topics, and the full list of final graduation projects will be also featured at academic year end.  







To read more about the development of the program and The Global School:: www.bside.design/bift


To learn more about BIFT School of Art & Design:: ys.bift.edu.cn




Organized by The School of Art & Design – Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology: ys.bift.edu.cn

Program co-developed by The Global School 世界学院: www.bside.design 

Supervisor:Chang Wei, Ding Lei, Peng Lu, Che Fei

Curator : Beatrice Leanza

Coordinator : Peng Lu, Zhangqian, Feng Longbin, Yang Xi

Graphic Design : Li Huang, Huang Jia, Liu Zhen

Exhibition Design : Zhao Liqun (FIELD) +Pablo Resa, Miguel Esteban Alonso (mono)
毕业展览设计:赵力群(FIELD) + Pablo Resa, Miguel Esteban Alonso (mono)

Web development : Beijing Gpower Software Technology Co., Ltd.